Ab Rees

Ab Rees
Sales Manager
Ab brings 25 yeas of industry experience to the Boise branch of Valley Office Systems, specializing in document management hardware/software sales and management. He began his career working for independent dealers, such as Associated Business Products. Yost Office Systems, and IKON Office Solutions, and he more recently worked directly for the manufacturers at Oce North America and Canon Solutions America. Ab also helped develop a document management suite of products called KlickFile and was responsible for setting up and supporting a nationwide network of 38 dealers. Ab and his wife of 25 years recently relocated to Boise from Salt Lake City and are quickly falling in love with the community.
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Jun 04

Sometimes it's nice to get away from your desk, take a leisurely drive to the bank, wait in line for a teller, and deposit your company's checks, then drive back to the office and catch up on what you missed while at the bank... It's not a problem if you get a couple checks in per week, but if you need to make deposits daily, that eats up a lot of work time! It's made worse by the fact that bank hours are our business hours too.