Andy Smith

Andy Smith
Regional VP
Andy comes to the Boise branch of Valley Office Systems with over 30 years of leadership and major account experience in the office technology field. Andy has worked for Konica Minolta, Canon, And Ricoh direct organizations in major metropolitan markets in Seattle, Washington DC, and Miami. He specializes in leadership, sales, representative development, major account management, and branch operations. Andy has been recognized nationally for his contributions in major account management while achieving multiple Presidents Club awards in leadership and operations over the same period.
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Jun 04

Sometimes it's nice to get away from your desk, take a leisurely drive to the bank, wait in line for a teller, and deposit your company's checks, then drive back to the office and catch up on what you missed while at the bank... It's not a problem if you get a couple checks in per week, but if you need to make deposits daily, that eats up a lot of work time! It's made worse by the fact that bank hours are our business hours too.