HP reinvents the #wonderofprint at Dscoop Dallas 2018

Dallas, Texas- March 26, 2018- HP Wonderland at Dscoop Dallas 2018 is a new inspirational experience for print service providers, brands and creatives to see how the latest HP digital innovations can create virtually any print imaginable.

Visitors to Dscoop Unleashing Print- Dallas, March 25-28, will have an immersive creative print experience  at the curated HP showcase of amazing worlds of print using the latest HP Indigo and HP PageWide technology. “In HP’s #wonderofprint any idea can be printed to life - in any setting. This celebration of our customers’ innovation is made possible by the quality and versatility of HP digital print technology,” said Dave Prezzano, General Manager, Graphic Solutions Business Americas, HP Inc. “We created this print playground by bringing together the best creative minds and technology to help inspire PSPs, brands, and designers with the multitude of opportunities to grow business.”

Dream it and print with HP


In this intergalactic journey, get blown away with the impact of personalized storybooks, photobooks, customized cookbooks and edge printing. Experience the new HP Reveal augmented reality technology on print.


Featuring outstanding examples of worldwide brand innovation in labels and packaging, this sub-Saharan setting illustrates the impact of Amarula’s 400,000 one-of-a kind labels for the Name the Elephant campaign to help protect the African elephant. See the world’s first animated label, Turmeon vermouth, in action.  


It takes more than color to shine. HP Indigo labs have created an array of extra special HP Indigo ElectroInks. Fluorescent inks that glow under UV light are now available in yellow, orange, and green in addition to pink; invisible security inks help protect brands from being counterfeited. 

Move through the darkroom, experience light effects. Beer bottle labels printed on the new HP Indigo 6900 press with HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver make a sterling appearance.  


Today, the only way to compete is to move faster.  With HP PrintOS, PSPs can simplify and automate print production processes, and collaborate in new ways to grow business. At Dscoop, HP is introducing PrintOS Marketplace, a new app store platform for customers to subscribe to print production tools and design from HP and partners. The Marketplace, opening in PrintOS this summer, will be demoed by HP and partners. Two HP solution partners, OneFlow System and HYBRID Software, have already signed up for Marketplace.


A showcase for the 2018 Inkspiration Award winners to be announced on March 25, Thinkland focuses on the artistry and passion that goes into creating award-winning work. More than 200 entries were submitted to Inkspiration.

Dreamland – HP Indigo technology showcases new print technologies making an Americas debut at Dscoop Dallas

  • The HP Indigo 12000 HD Digital Press, setting new benchmarks for image quality with high-definition printing, opening new possibilities for high-end photo and commercial applications.
  • The new HP Indigo 6900 Digital press for production of any label application with features such as a new and faster print server, Pack Ready for Labels for high-resistance products, HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver, and integration with HP Indigo GEM embellishment unit.
  • New ColorUp! extended color gamut technology and image enhancement solutions, in addition to  new HP Indigo ElectroInks-  Light Light Black, Vivid Pink and Green, Fluorescent Pink, Yellow, Green and Orange, invisible inks,
  • Enhanced capabilities of the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press, including printing on metalized and synthetics.
  • New finishing solutions for the HP Indigo 50000, to convert oversized B1 rolls into B1/B2 sized sheets
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Jul 16

Printing is made easy with AirPrint support


AirPrint is Apple technology that enables printing from iOS or OS X devices without installing any applications or drivers.

With AirPrint, you can take advantage of driverless printing from iOS and OS X products to printers on the same network. This capability enables mobile workers to quickly print hardcopy documents – helping improve productivity, both inside your organization and on-the-go. It also boosts productivity by eliminating the need for you to e-mail files and attachments to someone connected to the network for printing. In addition, mobile printing with AirPrint helps reduce IT’s burden of managing application downloads and print drivers, and enables you to better manage jobs in your print queues. 

AirPrint works seamlessly with many Apple apps, including Safari, Mail, Photos, iWork and PDFs in iBooks. In addition to Apple apps, many third party apps also support AirPrint technology.


Benefits for users

  • Convenience of immediate access to a printer
  • Quick Wi-Fi connection between mobile device and printer
  • Print and share documents on demand
  • No need to install any app on the Apple mobile device in order to print


Benefits for IT and Support

  • No software to download, drivers to install or cables to connect
  • Low maintenance and speed of installation
  • Happy end users who can print from Apple devices