The Steps of Digital Printing

Many businesses have relied on copiers for a long time and the feats they can often accomplish get taken for granted. However, you can’t take digital printing for granted yet. It’s still wowing us.

Creativity in the Valley has involved epic wedding invitations, colorful posters, eye-catching logos, intricate designs, realistic paintings and whimsical sketches. How can you personally bring your artwork to life?

How exactly does toner-based digital printing work? Let’s learn how your files are processed and turned into physical prints with Xerox. This process can pass through printers (unlike inkjet printing). Though it takes a moment to read the individual steps, the process happens in the blink of an eye.

The Steps of Digital Printing: Bringing Your Artwork To Life (In A Matter of Seconds)

  1. The digital image file is uploaded to the website and then converted into a raster graphic image. The image you send goes through the “Raster Image Process” (RIP). This process converts your art, logo or design.
  2. RIPing produces a bitmap and then coordinates the colors. Using a laser within the digital printer, the charges are then erased. This creates the blank “unprinted” space.
  3. The positive charges are removed, and toner is then attracted to the remaining positive charges. The image then exits on the photoreceptor.
  4. The last step involves toner being applied to the sheet and is then fused to the paper (by a “fuser roll.”) This is a hot process—think 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cool, right? Even if you don’t fully grasp how digital printing works, you can still enjoy the outcome. Do you have artwork, wedding invitations or some other project you’d like to see printed digitally? Put the four steps above in action.

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