The Bigger the Better: How Wide Format Printing Supports Marketing

As technology becomes more and more integrated into our personal lives, it is also changing the business world in new and interesting ways, especially where marketing is involved. Social Media and digital design technology have made in house marketing solutions much more accessible. Wide Format Printing is sporting new tech and is becoming more available and affordable as a marketing tool.

A New and Inventive Way to Advertise

Wide Format printers work in primarily two ways. Some printers use roll-feed technology and print designs on a roll of paper. This style does not put limits on the length or width of your print and has a lower cost. Wide format printers also come in a flatbed type, which gives you the option to print on many materials. A combination of both the roll feed and the flatbed style is becoming more popular as well.

Printing is still Important to Modern Business

With all this new technology, there comes the obsoletion of older technology. Many believe this is the fate of the paper and printing industry. Businesses today tend to be wary of investing in paper products, but there is a reason that wide format printing is becoming more popular, and it’s not just the lowering costs. Electronic advertising is extremely competitive. And though social media and an internet storefront are important to the marketing of your business; these aren’t enough to set you apart. Businesses use wide format printing for things like banners, signs, and vehicle wraps. These are all very effective ways of marketing that give you an extra edge on top of web-based advertising.

Even with the rising popularity of wide format printing, investing so much in one machine doesn’t always seem worth it. You have many other options such as leasing a printer or using a service provider. Wide-format printing catches people’s eye and is becoming more accessible to businesses every day.

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