Copier or Multifunction Printer?Sometimes choosing what kind of technology is best to invest in for your business is like choosing whether you want Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch Doritos. Both have equally satisfying parts and meet the same needs, but have different aspects as well. Copiers and multifunction printers also present this dilemma, except that they don’t taste very good. Copiers can now connect to a network and come with many different applications. They are no longer a simple document duplicator that you have to walk up to, they are integrated into your network. Being able to copy directly from your computer with a simple copy machine seems to take away some of the glamour of a multifunction printer, which boasts the networking aspect. There are benefits to both copiers and multifunction printers that make either one ideal for your specific office.

the Features of a Connected Copier

Copiers are excellent for large volumes of document production because, unlike the multifunction printer, their primary function is copying. Some of the Benefits of a copier include:

  • An on-going low cost after initial purchase
  • Finishing features such as binding, stapling, and sorting
  • Designed for often and heavy copying

The benefits of a Multifunction printer

A Multifunction printer is different from a copier because document duplication is not it’s primary function. A multifunction printer can save you space and money. It presents many other options that a copier cannot offer that include

  • Scanning
  • Faxing
  • Printing directly from a network
  • Combining document managing machines into one

The decision to go for a multifunction printer over a more expensive, newer copier is based almost entirely on your office’s needs. If your office copies huge amounts of paper on a consistent basis, a copier is a good investment. If your business is looking for more low-key copying that can occur in the same place as your printing, faxing, and scanner, then a multifunction printer is a better choice.¬†Contact¬†Valley Office Systems to learn more about the devices they recommend for your unique business.

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