Adopting the Smartboard Company Mentality

One of the most important aspects of any company is the people. Employees are undeniably valuable, the moving parts that keep the business running smoothly–and if one of those moving parts isn’t functioning properly or is making mistakes, then the productivity of the whole company can stumble. Employees are important–and so is precise worker training. In order to make sure that every “moving part” in your company is functioning smoothly, you need to employ training techniques that will help each individual reach his or her full potential.

Smart Board

Smart Board is an innovative new addition to the world of training employees. Forget those infamously-exhausting PowerPoint-aided lectures–Smart Board helps trainers and learners alike actually connect with the material being presented, rather than passively take in information only to have forgotten it in just a few minutes. Smart Board employs both audio and video technology to offer an interactive experience that appeals to many learning styles, making teaching and absorbing information more efficient than ever.

Big Companies, Big Ideas

Companies of all shapes and sizes are benefiting from the innovations of Smart Board. Here’s how a few household-name businesses have applied Smart Board to their own employee training.

  • Cadbury. Cadbury has a strong grip on the candy industry, being an innovative company as well as a familiar name brand. However, behind their successful sales are successful training facilities. With Smart Board, Cadbury trainers have connected with more employees and helped to make learning accessible and productive.
  • Singleton Birch. As a company involved in manufacturing, Singleton Birch needed an efficient and productive way to connect people to information, all while keeping safety at the forefront of the mind. Using the innovative connectivity technology of Smart Board, the company has opened a large training facility that can host multiple training sessions at once, as well as synchronize learning experiences with one large Smart Board.
  • Britannia Safety and Training. Any business that focuses on keeping people safe needs to have a state-of-the-art training program. Smart Board has helped Britannia Safety and Training to offer collaborative learning experiences that employees can apply to realistic situations–not to mention, Smart Board is an efficient way to keep up with the ever-advancing world of technology.

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