Printing Wide Format DesignsRecently we’ve seen huge advancements in technology. We can now print full-size drawings for architectural or engineering purposes using copiers. Designs can come to life in literally big ways. Quality is climbing, and operating prices are plummeting. Designers and architectures are loving the new heights of technology.

Architects have been outsourcing their large format projects to reprographers, but sometimes architects will still print full-size prints for presentations.

There are several printers and copiers available that can produce full-size drawings. Inkjet printers are provided by:

  1. Canon
  2. Oce
  3. HP
  4. Epson

Architects don’t need to print as often as they used to but when they do LED printers are perfect for the job. They can print up to 100,000 square feet per month. They can stack, collate and hand paper quite productively.

Equipment like this can scan colored drawings and capture red lines or other notable features.

What’s next in the world of wide formatting?

The next thing about to trend is color devices that could match monochrome LED devices in their speed and prices. The ColorWave 900 can print documents as fast as 12” per second!

Once color printing goes into full swing, it will be common to see designers choosing to present their plans in color. This will help cut down on mistakes in the construction process. Look out world!

Businesses are buying wide formatting printers to help them better advertise, printing (in color) marketing materials, banners, blueprints, brochures, window signs, vehicle wraps and more. Companies are pooling their finances and investing in these machines so that they can enjoy the marketing efforts that quality wide formatting documents can bring.

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