Clearing Up Issues Between Your Mac & Printer

If there is a Mac behind your small business, you may be familiar with the feeling that accompanies a system malfunction. Peripheral devices (like printers or copiers) can go ineffective without a moment’s notice and then you’re left scratching your head. How can you get that file printed and fast?

Because of the nature and complications of your Mac and your printers or copiers, you may need to try several things before you figure out how to solve the issues. Try these quick trouble-shooting tips to get your devices back up and running quickly.

Cables and Connections

Though it may seem obvious, go ahead and check for cable disconnections. Troubleshoot your connections by unplugging every cable between the printer and your Mac, then reconnect. Make certain that the connections are tight and secure. If things still aren’t happening, try a different USB port. It’s not impossible for a USB port to break down.

Network Issues

If your Mac isn’t networked through AppleTalk, you may have another communication issue with the printer. Click on System Preferences from the Apple Menu. Next, select the “Network” icon, “Advanced,” and finally “Apple Talk.” Is AppleTalk active? Try printing to other active printers in the menu.

Delete Printer and Print Job Queue

Still unsuccessful? You may have a stash of jobs hanging out in the Print Job queue. This depends on your printer. Check and clear job queues. Mac OS X “Open Print Queue” feature will be under the “Print & Fax” section of your System Preferences. Deletes files on the queue. You can also delete the printer itself and then add it again.

Repair Permissions

Corrupted system files can be cleared when you repair your Mac’s permissions.

Contact us to talk about your Mac and how it connects to the copiers and printers in your office.

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