The Green Pros of Document ManagementAre you looking for a springboard to more inspiration and smartness in the way your company works? Go green! It’s simply refreshing to save on resources. If you were to check and see how many papers each of your employees use each hour, it would average about 4-5. That’s a lot of paper, and other resources are being spent as well. Ink, toner, energy from your copiers—all of that is represented by just one sheet of a work document. Hundreds of pounds of these hard copy documents just get pitched each year. Filing cabinets are swelling and trash cans are on double time.

Document management is a way to help your copiers, printers and fax machines see less paper cycle through them.

Document management helps businesses go green by conserving energy, conserving space and conserving money. Let’s go green today!

1. Conserving energy

Active printer fleets swallow energy. Document management stores, shares, and edits files electronically so that you can save that energy.

2. Conserving space

Printer fleets don’t just swallow energy, they boldly take up space. Documents, in general, can fill file cabinets by the dozens. Document management saves square footage because of its electronic options.

3. Conserving money

Document management also protects against unnecessary spending. If you can skip paying bills, then applaud document management. It does this by saving you on ink, toner, paper and energy costs.

Avoid a paper trail by passing by the copiers, printers and fax machines and collaborating, sharing and sending via the cloud. Document management is a safe, secure and convenient way to send documents to employees and clients. You will conserve energy, space, and money.

Contact us to begin applying these green benefits to your office. Bring back the inspiration and smartness to your office.

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