Inkjet vs. Laserjet Printers

Laser or inkjet—that is the question at hand. Whether you are searching for your home or for your office, it’s helpful to recognize the differences between the two. Simply put, inkjet printers use liquid ink (sprayed through microscopic nozzles). Laser printers and copiers use toner cartridges that are filled with fine powder and a heated fuser. Let’s do a brief comparison between the two.

The Cost Comparison

Both Laser and Inkjet copiers can be purchased for nearly identical price tags. A cheaper laser printer will typically cost about $130, but the cheapest Inkjet printer are around $60-$70. What’s the catch? Budget inkjet machines usually come with starter cartridges which don’t have full ink tanks.

The Speed Comparison

Laser printing wins when it comes to black and white text page printing. You are dealing with print speed of up to 20 pages per minute. Inkjets are slower, printing around 6 pages per minute of black text. Do you often run across print jobs that need to get done fast?

The Size Comparison

Size doesn’t matter to some users, and it does to others. If you are interested in size, here’s the scoop. The inkjet printer is perfect for a small space or underneath your desk. A laser printer will work if you don’t need scanning or copying.


Review the pros and cons of each (factoring in cost, speed, and size) and hold them up to your ideas for a successful piece of office equipment. What sort of print jobs come across your home desk or work desk? We’re confident that one of these machines will meet those requirements. Now, what are you waiting for?

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