Digital Progress: The Multifunction Printer

No one wants to be behind in anything, right? Grades. Fashion. The latest car. However, it’s a bit more consequential when being behind means a loss of funds. Are you modernized in the way you think about digital products?

Back in the day, before the digital age, things operated vastly different than they do today. You could easily find scores of offices with multiple analog devices that worked independently of a network. Digital products began to emerge so companies bought separate, stand-alone copiers, facsimiles, scanners and printers. Now there was potential for the network to be the core of connectivity. Companies were delighted to see how products could be connected to the network. All devices could be integrated.

The Introduction of the Multifunction Printer

Simultaneously, manufacturers were experimenting with the multifunction printer. This meant one machine would copy, print, scan and fax.

Now multifunction printers have exploded their way to the top of the way we do business. It provides businesses with more time, more money, more efficiency and more productivity. Let’s zoom in on these benefits.

  1. Saves money. Multifunction printers are designed to save you on supply and energy costs.
  2. Saves space. Since a multifunction printer replaces a scanner, printer, copier and fax machine, it saves all kinds of space in your office.
  3. Saves time. Multifunction systems operate on double-time. They print fast and can even perform more than one task at a time.
  4. Saves Energy. These machines are designed to conserve energy and shut off when they are not in use.
  5. More efficiency. The multifunction machine gives employees the option to use mobile printing. Printing is less of a hassle and more of a flawless part of your workday.

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