How to Fix a Paper Jam Once and for All

Most employees are familiar with the panic of a emergency deadline print job popping up on the radar. Things get icy fast when the printer decides to jam up and it just won’t stop no matter what you do to it. In that moment all you can think is, “What’s the deal?” It’s just not pulling in the paper. There isn’t time to call in a repair man; so the panicked feeling settles in.

How do I clear that jam?

What’s happening inside that copier? Office equipment has a component inside that pulls the paper from the tray. The component is usually made out of rubber and just like tires, they get exhausted and worn. When the roller is worn or dirty, paper jams commence.

When your copiers are jamming, the first step is to pinpoint the exact location. For example, which one of your copier’s trays are affected by the jam? Sometimes you can switch paper trays and avoid dealing with the jam.

Are the rollers the issue?

Grab a flashlight and put the light onto the paper feed area. Check for torn pieces of paper that would be blocking the paper path. Now, clean the feed roller(s).

You will need 1) strong cotton towel, 2) flashlight, 3) WD-40 or rubber roller rejuvenator.

To clean the paper feed area, locate the rubber rollers. Moisten the towel with cleaning fluid (WD-40 or roller rejuvenator) and apply to the roller. Spin it around so that you reach every part of the roller.

We can help you solve your office jam problems (paper or otherwise). Contact us to learn more about how to be on top of your work day.

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