Does your MFP store sensitive information?In your business, you are responsible for a number of assets, but one of the most important of those is your data. Customer information, employee information, financial documents for the business – it is all a precious resource that should be protected at all costs. Because we are in the digital age, a lot of that information is processed digitally and scanned, faxed, copied or printed on the devices in your office. One concern that might come from this is, does your MFP store sensitive information that can get passed on at resale?

What are the best practices for securing your MFP?

Whether or not a device stores digitized documents depends on the brand and how it is configured. You can find out if your particular MFP retains images by default and how you can protect the data that it stores. Ensuring that digital security is a part of your company’s IT Security policy can help with issues such as this.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to avoid the problem of passing on sensitive files to your MFP’s next owner. It’s worth the time!

  1. Buy a brand that will meet industry security standards. Do your research to find the brands that will avoid this problem.
  2. Opt for access controls to create more security rather than allowing just anyone to gain control over the stored data. Access controls are convenient and easy but involve user authentication, account codes and password protection.
  3. Invest in data security kits. Data security kits are handy in that they can be used to address any security concerns that arise.
  4. End-of-life considerations. When you buy or a sign a lease for it, check into the end-of-life plan. You can destroy the hard drive, keep it on your site, or have an MFP distributor clear the hard drive before it gets handed over to the next owner.

Contact us about more secure tips for your  office. We would love to aid you in protecting your confidential, crucial data.

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