How to Handle Copier Security

It’s old news that identity theft is on the rise. Everyone knows not to leave sensitive files in trash bins or on computers. What isn’t common knowledge, though, is that your copiers are holding sensitive information. If your machine is passed on, your sensitive data is at risk to land in the wrong hands.

Real problems occur when copiers are passed on, and their hard drives have never been wiped. An untrustworthy buyer could wreak havoc for your customers and company. While photocopier-related identity theft is not as widespread as it could be, it is still an area that deserves a closer look and more protection.

What can you do to handle your copiers with care?

  1. First, when you copy sensitive info on your office copier, ask the info tech staff if the copier has a hard drive. Only more modernized, high-end digital copiers have a hard drive.
  2. Ask if your copier manufacturer has a security or encryption package on their product for an extra charge.
  3. If they don’t, find another place to copy your sensitive info.

The safest thing you can do is to find and purchase a personal copier for your office. That way you won’t have to go out-of-house for any vital print jobs. You can also consider placing a security freeze on your credit files. It’s not an invincible plan, but it does help avoid many kinds of identity theft.

If you are leasing a copier, make sure you ask beforehand if the hard drive will be cleared before it moves on to its next user.

Contact us with your questions about how to handle copier security or to discover more about our selection of office equipment for your company.

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