Toner Flaking Off?

It’s not cool to have your toner flaking off your copies or prints, especially if your design is to produce great quality prints for marketing or other purposes. It’s an easy fix so keep reading to know how to solve the issue.

How your copiers and printers work

Heat is used to fuse toner to paper. How much heat is needed to fuse the toner? That will vary depending on the thickness of the paper you are using.

Why is the toner flaking off?

The reason that toner flakes off the paper is because you’re using a heavier paper in your copiers and printers. As we detailed above, the heavier the paper, the more heat needed to fuse the toner. Your copier doesn’t automatically know what type of paper you’ve put in it, and it usually is on the default setting.

How do I solve this problem?

Adjust your copier settings so that you can specify the type of paper you are using (anything over 28 lb.) Once you send the paper type in your print driver, the machine should perform as it should.

To change your settings in the print driver, open your printer properties panel. (Note: different brands will change the instructions. These instructions are specific to Sharp point drivers). Secondly, click the paper tab and select the tray you’ll be printing from. Thirdly, under paper type select heavy paper 1 for anything thicker than 28 lb. of heavy paper 2 for anything thicker than 90 lb.

Change Your Settings on the Copier

For most Sharp MFPs, open you copier’s tray settings and select the tray you’ll be printing to. Select your paper type and the rest should go smoothly! Enjoy your high-quality prints.

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