How to Attract Millennials to Work for You

Millennials. You either hate them, or you’re one of them. At least, that’s what some popular media stories seem to suggest. Judging from the often loaded rhetoric that passes between Boomers and Millennials, it can sometimes seem that the younger generation is lazy, entitled, and unmotivated.

But recent study data strongly suggests that Millennials are driven workers and achievers. The Atlantic reports that, in interviews and surveys of employers, younger employees ranked highly in self-discipline and initiative, and were often considered more impressive than some of their older peers. It’s entirely possible that the lackluster economy and a mistrust of younger generations has put an undeserved tarnish on the Millennial worker’s reputation.

Why does this matter to you, as a business owner?

Here are the facts: you need Millennials to keep your business competitive and relevant. Even from a purely practical and economic standpoint, young blood is almost always beneficial to a company’s longevity. Are you attracting Millennials to your company, or are they flocking to your competition?

The best ways to attract Millennials are surprisingly simple, and they coincide with business practices that are increasingly imperative in the 21st century. Here are a few ways to attract talented Millennials to work for your company.

Stay Tech Savvy

Perhaps one generalization about the Millennial generation holds water: Millennials love their technology. Growing up in the late 80s and 90s, many Millennials don’t remember a time before the Internet. They’ll likely be uninspired to work for a company that still relies heavily on paper documents or discounts the power of digital marketing.

Stay Flexible

Millennials tend to want an even balance between work and personal life, and many are searching for a flexible job that allows more time for family and leisure. Be open to allowing employees to work from home—the Internet has made the modern office less crucial than before.

Stay Mobile

Millennials come with technology in their pockets. Part of creating a flexible, tech-savvy work environment is embracing mobile technology. Be sure you have a mobile printing strategy in place that allows your employees to use their tablets and smartphones for work.

Millennial workers are essential to your company’s success. Visit our blog for more business tips.

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