Mac or Windows in the Office?

We here at Valley Office Systems are sometimes referred to as nerds. Don’t worry, we don’t mind — we live and breathe IT.

Of course, being a nerd means that having strong opinions about computers comes with the territory. Some IT administrators want to implement a Windows-only or Mac-only environment for their business, but that’s not always feasible. It can actually be a smart move to mix both kinds of computers into your infrastructure so that a single virus can’t take down all of your computers. Here are a few ways you can implement a mix-operating system business with both Mac and Windows computers.

  • Enable Print Sharing and Mobile Printing: Make sure you support and educate your employees for printing on both Mac and Windows machines. If you’re the IT administrator, make sure you have all print drivers updated regularly.
  • Install the same office suite. An old problem with Mac and Windows capability used to be file-sharing. Today, Mac computers can run the same office suites that Windows computers can. Make sure you’re using the same kinds of documents across platforms.
  • Embrace the diversity. Although it may seem like a hassle to have different kinds of computers in your office, it can be an advantage. Let employees work with the platform they’re most comfortable with when possible, and use the computers in ways that emphasize their strengths. For instance, Macs are often better than Windows computers for creative work, while Windows may be a better choice for complex spreadsheets.

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