What to Ask Your MPS Provider

If you are considering a managed print services provider, you should pursue honest answers to hard questions. Now, what exactly are those questions you should ask?

How secure is the hardware?

Your MFPs, printers, scanners, etc. are all IP addressable. They all have aspects that are at risk to entry by hackers. You need to ensure that if your MFP has an internal hard drive it will not store sensitive print jobs. Ask your provider about the document and network security offered.

Mobile support

Make sure that your provider has an established plan to secure mobile print support.

Document Workflow and Automation

It’s easy to replicate an existing business process but will your provider understand how to manage process improvements and possible workflow automation?

Office Equipment

Make sure your MPS provider will hand a good handle on address office equipment scenarios. They should be able to tell you whether or not your employee-to-machine ratio is successful and if an MFP would be the best fit for your office.

Status update

Will they be able to give you an accurate, honest account of your current status in your print environment? Have they studied it long enough to identify different bottlenecks and mark areas that need improvement?

Will they help you print less?

In order to save 30% on print costs, your team will have to enable you to print less and save on print supplies.

Can you work with my IT team?

MPS should be able to work smoothly with your current in-house IT team. Ideally, they will free up your IT team to work on more specific projects. Look for a team that will recognize the teamwork aspect of the overall MPS strategy.

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