Don't Lose Money with a Low-Quality Copier

Nothing halts productivity like broken tools. A malfunctioning copier can take an efficient workday and turn it into a bust, even if your department can borrow a machine from another team. Wasted time in the business world equals one thing: wasted money.

How can you invest in copier uptime instead of paying for downtime? Simply put, you must invest in quality to eliminate the cost of frequent copier malfunctions. Every time a printer breaks down, time is lost—time spent calling a technician, diagnosing the problem, installing new software or repairing hardware, and checking that the fix is working. It’s a process that could take a few days, and all the while your company is losing profitability.

Finding the right copier is about more than simply buying a new model. You also have to make sure you have a copier that can handle the volume of work you do each month, one that is built to last, and one suited for your company’s needs.


Every printer and copier has a volume of work that it is rated for. Be sure you’re working with a trusted local vendor to ensure that you know exactly how many copies your machine can make each month. If the work is too demanding for the model you’ve purchased, even a high-quality machine will struggle to keep up.


Too many business professionals walk into the nearest big-box office supply store and expect to find a printer or copier to suite their needs. They’re usually disappointed with the quality and longevity of these machines, and would do better to work with a local licensed dealer.


Be sure you’re purchasing a copier that has the features your company needs. Ultimately, if a copier doesn’t take some of the load off of your employees, it’s not carrying its weight.

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