4 Fixes for Common Printer ProblemsYou have a job to do, and the technology in your office should help you do that job. Sometimes, though, technology just seems like it’s in the way; especially when it’s malfunctioning.

The good news is, if your copier isn’t working correctly, most fixes are simple and only take a few minutes. Here are a few fixes to common printer problems that should get you on your way in a jiffy. If your printer’s problem turns out to be that it’s old and outdated, we can help with that, too. Just visit our website to learn more.

4 Fixes for Common Printer Problems:

  1. Delayed or no response to “print” command. Sometimes a printer just gives you the equivalent of the blank stare. This generally means that you need to alter a few settings. Make sure that your printer is set as the default printer and you should be on your way.
  2. Light or uneven prints. Run your printer’s utility program to see if that fixes the issue; generally this happens when a printer hasn’t been used in a while.
  3. Slow wireless printer. If your print is running a bit slow, make sure it’s close enough to your wireless router to function properly.
  4. Printer tray issues. Don’t overload your paper tray and be sure your springs are still in good condition. If your printer tray is worn down from use, it’s probably a good sign it’s time for a new printer—and a better-quality one.

If you need further assistance with fixing your printer, please contact us today.

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