Copiers: The New Threat to Information Secure

How much paper have you run through your copier in the past year? Probably a significant amount, right? How about since you purchased the printer? It’s likely enough that you’ve put some high-profile jobs through that machine: print jobs that include sensitive information like employee personal data, client information, and proprietary company files.

Now imagine that all of this information is free for the taking by malicious parties. That’s the reality with some copiers if you don’t take the right measures. Companies realize that their copiers could pose a giant hole in their security if they aren’t careful. Here’s how.

Copiers: The New Front in the War on Identity Fraud

Copiers have one very convenient function that is making them a security risk. Most modern printers and copiers will save a copy of every file ever printed or copied on them. This is helpful when you need to email a document after scanning it or save it to a document management system. But when you’re ready to recycle or sell that old copier, the hard drive still houses all of that information.

The good news is, it’s simple to make sure your information is safe. Simply follow a few common-sense steps.

  1. Make sure your hard drive is wiped or destroyed before you recycle any technology, especially copiers.
  2. Instruct employees on keeping data safe so that they understand company policy on safe disposal of copiers.
  3. Keep sensitive information safe with document management; paper-based processes are often insecure for sensitive information.

For more information about keeping your business information secure, contact us today.

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