Managed Print Services: Your Ticket to More Control

You may think you’ve already squeezed and honed your IT budget to maximum efficiency. If so, you could be in for a surprise: have you considered how you can lower your printing budget?

Many companies aren’t aware of how much they spend annually on printing, in part because it can be difficult to get a clear idea of these expenses. Often spread over multiple budgets and departments, costs like maintenance, labor, new machines, shipping, and supplies all factor into your print environment expenses. It requires careful central management and expert attention to detail to wrangle these costs into control. Most companies simply don’t have the manpower or time to tackle their print environment.

Managed print services offer an increasingly popular solution to this issue. Managed print provides the centralized control every company needs to lower printing costs while maintaining efficiency. It all starts with right-sizing your printer fleet and optimizing work flow. Here are a few of the benefits companies can expect with managed print services.

1. More Control

With managed print services, you’ll have a virtual control panel to access and change your print environment. Your managed services provider will act as an expert guide to making your print environment efficient, cost-effective, and customized to your business.

2. Lower Costs

One of the most attractive parts of managed print services is its ability to lower and control costs. With managed print, your printing budget goes from unpredictable and uncontrollable to a low monthly fee, that meets your budget and needs. Recent estimates suggest that companies stand to save around 41% with managed print services.

3. Consolidation

Many companies operate with too many machines, which use up power, supplies, and labor hours. It’s also common to see companies with machines from a variety of brands, causing confusion and training issues. Your managed services provider will help you consolidate machines and place them strategically throughout your office, getting the most out of every device rather than spreading ineffective or unused printers and copiers around your building.

For more information about managed print services, contact us today.

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