Why Companies Don't Go Paperless

Humans have a tendency to resist change, if for no other reason than we like being comfortable. Paper in the workplace is comfortable—it has been around for generations, and it brings a level of stability with it. The paper is official and binding; it’s the medium used to sign contracts and develop ideas. But it’s also outdated, and frankly, business at the speed of paper is no longer an option.

What’s Stopping You From Going Paperless?

Relying solely on on paper isn’t an option anymore, particularly since businesses are increasingly entering the digital age. On the other hand, paperless systems like document management reduce overall clutter, control costs, increase efficiency, and reduce your carbon footprint. So why haven’t more companies gone paperless?

1. Fear

Many companies don’t go paperless due to fear. The argument goes that we know how to do things on paper. Well, the facts can negate and calm these fears. Document management is more secure than paper, and although it does present a significant change, it’s one that will propel your business forward. If you haven’t gone paperless, the chances are your competition already has.

2. Habit

Why fix something that isn’t broken, right? Paper-based systems are broken and fragmented, however, relying on information that can’t be connected the way data in a document management system can. Document management allows you to find a file with a few keystrokes and is user-friendly with no steep learning curve.

3. Lack of Direction

Maybe you’re fairly sure that going paperless is a good choice, but you’re overwhelmed with where to start. You look over at the rows of filing cabinets lining your office and think, “How can we digitize all of this?” That’s where we come in. With our years of experience, Valley Office Systems will make your transition to document management smooth and pain-free.

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