Earth Day: Making Sustainable Printing the NormIt hasn’t been long that our world has truly given thought to sustainability. There are some incredible minds researching and creating more options and changes that we can make to protect our earth from pollution and the irresponsible use of its resources. Although these ideas are growing, there’s still a lot to be done. Are you participating in keeping a sustainable office?

Don’t Make It an Option

One unfortunate thing we see, time and again, is businesses looking at sustainable printing as an option, not a necessity. It seems rather short-sighted not to plan for future generations, preserving as much as we can. But there’s more to it than that on the business side of things. So, is it more expensive to go green? It is often given that reputation. Yet, let’s see what actions you can take to go green, and see if they correlate with added or lessened costs.

Print Less

This suggestion is simple but powerful. Companies across the globe are finding more ways to print less, and it has made a huge impact in envrionmental efforts.

How Can You Print Less?

Some employ managed print services to find out exactly how much they are printing in order to better control that number. It is true; you can’t reduce printing unless you know how much printing you’re already doing. Some simple ways to reduce your printing right now would be to:

  • encourage your employees to print wisely
  • set a standard of what can and cannot be printed at work
  • use digital versions for meetings, collaborative projects and more

These are only a few of the simple ways you can start making a difference on earth today. There are tons of other options, like ensuring that your office recycles paper, cans, and glass. Creating a green environment will give your office a second mission, and it’s one we’d love to help with.

Give us a call if you have questions about going green with the help of managed print services, and Happy Earth Day!

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