More MFP Marvels

Since you are hoping for a device that is more than just a paper outport portal, consider the benefits of a multifunction printer.

1. Scanning Performance

Scanning is a huge part of helping companies transition to document management and a more paperless work environment. Look for features like one-touch scanning, double-sided pages, color, with a wide range of file formats.

2. Customized Document Workflow

MFPs are famous for their entry point into digital workflows that can help your employees’ workflow streamline smoother. You can expect an outcome of better productivity, speed, security and savings.

3. Support for Workers from All Locations

Employees’ office locations can change from time to time. With the mobile and global drivers, workers from all over can access the digital workflow by mobile printing. This adds convenience for those working from home or another state. Visiting vendors and workers will easily be able to interact with your printing systems.

4. Usability and Productivity

Multifunction printers are reliable and sustainable. Their touch screens make interacting with them a convenient, self-explanatory experience.

5. Driver Viewing on Your Desktop

It is time-consuming to stop your project and check on another. Users often have to manually check toner or paper before sending a job to the printer. These delays add up and suck a lot of time. The MFP offers driver views from the desktop so you can receive detailed status updates without leaving your desk.

Contact us to learn more about multifunctional printers and how they can bring a high scanning performance, customized document workflow, support for workers from all locations and usability and productivity to your Boise office.

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