“Ricoh should also be on the short list when users are looking for a true partner in an ongoing engagement to address evolving technology and compliance changes in real time.”Ricoh Named a Global Leader in Print and Document Security

Committed to empowering digital workplaces, Ricoh combines its security services and expertise, experience and training with a portfolio of Ricoh and partner solutions. This has been recognized by IDC MarketScape which utilizes a rigorous scoring methodology to provide a clear framework of the product and service offerings, capabilities and strategies, and the strengths and weaknesses of vendors. Ricoh has been named a global leading in Print and Document Security.

“From our analysis, it is evident Ricoh places a premium on security. Every product and service has been designed from the bottom up with security in mind,” said Robert Palmer, Research Director, Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions, IDC. “Ricoh has established a broad base of both owned technology and partner solutions to address security concerns for customers of all sizes and industries. Its expansive program includes: device and application security; cybersecurity, including network infrastructure to information security; and protection of data and content. All of this is successfully supported by its global service delivery model, which helps set it apart from many of its competitors.”

“At Ricoh, we say that security is in our DNA,” said David Levine, Vice President of Information Security, Chief Information Security Officer, Ricoh USA, Inc. and Global Security Team Lead, Ricoh Company, Ltd. “We work hard for and with our customers’ requirements to assess risk and compliance in the design, implementation and ongoing management of office solutions to keep their information safe. In a world where we are generating more and more data every second, and industries, governments and organizations must safeguard that data from bad actors, Ricoh takes security very seriously. It’s encouraging to see the IDC MarketScape’s acknowledgement of our approach, the importance we ascribe to security, and the expertise we put behind it to help our customers work smarter.”

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