RICOH Pro C9200 Graphic Arts Edition offers printers a competitive edge with speeds up to 135 pages per minute on stocks up to 49 inches long and 470 gsm.

Ricoh USA, Inc. today unveiled additions to its Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group portfolio that set a new standard for best-in-class price performance in its category. The RICOH Pro C9200 and C9210 Graphic Arts Editions provide an affordable, predictable way for businesses to maximize revenue due to its up-time and reliability. Ricoh’s latest strategic investment empowers customers to expand into new markets with the ability to produce book jackets, six-page brochures and other unique applications that require media of up to 470 gsm.

Ricoh Pro C9200 C9210 Graphic Arts Series Color Sheet-fed Printers“When our customers speak, we listen. They challenged us to deliver a press that increases productivity and reliability. The RICOH Pro C9200 series does just that at a price performance never before seen,” said John Fulena, Vice President, Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group, Ricoh USA, Inc. “We are redefining the value printers should expect from their presses, even in the most demanding production environments. These are among the most productive sheet-fed presses yet, and they are a direct result of listening to our customers and making strategic investments to help them deliver exceptional customer experiences.”

Printers looking to increase uptime, reliability and utilization will see immediate benefits from the RICOH Pro C9200 series. The presses support up to 470 gsm and have the capacity to run the longest paper lengths in the market today: 49 inches simplex and 40 inches auto-duplex. This enables the production of more advanced applications and the ability to drive down the cost per piece. Additionally, the series supports a laser resolution of 2400 x 4800 dpi with a large color gamut without sacrificing speed or versatility.

The RICOH Pro C9200 series also produces consistent, professional output due to its in-line sensors that automatically aid improved front-to-back registration and color calibration, without requiring advanced operator skills. Moreover, the larger 17 inch Smart Operation Panel brings new job- and workflow-management options directly to the device, on a single screen, including the ability to monitor and manage print jobs remotely through either an EFI Color Controller or the RICOH TotalFlow Server.

Both the RICOH Pro C9200 and C9210 are ENERGY STAR® certified and carry an EPEAT® Silver rating.

Interested in these devices? Let us help you see if they are a good fit for your business. Browse your options.

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