New Strategic Alliance:

Valley Office Systems is excited to announce a strategic alliance with new partners Lisa Thaller, James Olson, Troy Olson, Chris Weenig and Ryan Bingham. These five new partners bring generations of diverse experience which will contribute to Valley Office Systems’ growth in many ways. Their knowledge of information technology (IT), service, financing, sales, and marketing will bring holistic enhancements to Valley Office Systems’ customers and employees. These enhancements include greater flexibility in leasing, further service options, expansion into IT services, and exciting developments in customer care. This partnership forms out of the retirement of Tom Gwinn, former co-owner and vice president of Valley Office Systems.

Howard and Colleen Hansen and Tom Gwinn purchased Valley Office Systems in 2003 with one location and eleven employees. Over the past 15 years, the company has grown to eight locations across Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming with 110 current employees. This new partnership will further enable Valley to expand within the changing landscape of the business technology sector.Valley Strategic Alliance

Tom Gwinn has been an outstanding leader and community member. The entire company would like to express their appreciation to Tom for his long record of incredible leadership, dedication and accomplishments at Valley Office Systems. Tom’s dedication to giving back to our community is a legacy that Valley Office Systems cherishes and promises to continue.

Valley Office Systems remains independently owned and operated and has not been part of a merger. Howard Hansen will continue to serve as the president of the company, and Colleen Hansen will continue to serve as the vice president. This strategic alliance ensures that Valley Office Systems’ customers will continue to receive the world-class services and products they have become accustomed to when they partner with Valley Office Systems.

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