Is it time for an upgrade in your MFP? Here are 5 signs that it may be time to upgrade your MFP.

  1. You are spending more than industry average on your cost per copy.

    If you are unsure of how to calculate the costs, we are happy to help. Did you know, spending more than average can really add up over time? Just think… if you spend 2 cents more than average and you run 1,000 copies per month you could be wasting $20/month! While it seems minimal that extra cost can quickly eat up your profit margin.

  2. Your current equipment is slowing your performance levels.

    Many older models of copiers do not have the current bells and whistles. While all the bells and whistles may not seem important many of them can help improve the overall performance of your business. These improved features can really help you take your business to the next level.

  1. Your company has grown.

    When your company grows typically your MFP needs to also. Also, if your workload has increased something larger and more efficient can keep your business growing. An upgrade may really help you see more growth.

  1. You’re Spending a large amount to repair your machine frequently.

    Dumping money into an older, less efficient machine is not cost effective for anyone. Do you truly know what you are spending on those repairs? Are you having to repair or replace the same part over and over? While many machines are made to withstand, they are typically only designed for a 5-year run period. If you have been lucky enough to get 10 years on a machine it is more cost effective to upgrade your MFP than to service, your MFP.

  1. You have security concerns.

    Many older machines do not offer the security features that new machines offer. The data that is ran through your copier is just a vulnerable to a security breach as any other data on your network. Technology is evolving every day. Newer models have more security features to help you protect your sensitive information. An upgrade to your MFP is a simple step to help ease your security worries.


Do any of these 5 signs it is time to upgrade your MFP sound familiar? If you are ready to begin the process, we are ready to help!

Contact one of our experts today to learn about savings and value with upgrading your equipment!