When deciding on a copier provider for your company there are many out there that will strive for your business. But how do you choose the best one? Here are 10 tips when choosing the best copier provider for your company.

Tip #1 – Location.

First and foremost is the company truly local to you. Local will depend on what type of location you are in. If you live in a remote area local may mean within 50 miles. In a more metropolis area local may mean within the same city. Location is important and will determine the type of quality service you receive from the company. Someone that must travel a long distance to meet with you or service your machine may mean that it will be very sporadic or not at all. See Valley’s locations here.

Tip #2 – Brands.

Look into the brands they carry. How do the brands rank?  Having a known brand that ranks well is important. Known brands often means that parts are easier to come by in the event they are needed. Different brands also offer different features; what features are important to you & your business?

Tip #3 – Service Response Time and Resolution.

One-call resolution is important to everyone. No one wants to call 2+ times for the same issue. While sometimes that is inevitable, it is always the goal. Response time is also of utmost importance – everyone needs their machine now. We strive to provide quicker than industry response times and a very high rate of one-call resolutions.

Tip #4 – Additional Office Solutions.

You got the copier, great! Now what?  There are many accessories that can be added on that could increase your production and create a smoother workflow. Software, document solutions, and managed print services are always a necessity in an office – having a copier provider that can also provide these solutions will simplify your business! See our products & services here.

Tip #5 – Community Involvement.

This may not be important to everyone but to many it is. Is the company just a brick and mortar location that flew in over night and has never had any involvement in the community? Do they understand the culture and area? A company that is rooted in the area is more likely to be reliable over time. Valley’s roots are deep in the Idaho and Utah areas we service.

Tip #6 – An Authorized Dealer.

Is the company you are looking into authorized to sell you and service the products they are presenting to you? There are many companies that try to play the middle man and will work to get you a “great deal” however that means they just sell your business to other companies while they work out the best price for you, and them. This often means that once your deal with them is done you have to deal with the actual company that is authorized for setup, service, etc. Sounds like an extra unnecessary step, and will it really save you money in the long run?

Tip #7 – Maintenance Contracts.

A maintenance contract helps keep your service and supply costs low. You pay a set amount monthly and that covers most everything for the duration of the contract. That means no unexpected repair costs, toner costs, maintenance and more. Allowing your business to better prepare for the future.

Tip #8 – Purchase Options.

Do they offer options that fit your companies needs? The options to pay cash, finance, or lease. These are all options when buying but does the company you are looking at offer them? These different options all come with their own perks and finding which option best fits your company is important.

Tip #9 – Training.

Knowing how to use your machine is just as important as owning the machine. New technology comes with new bells and whistles. Things you may not even know you needed. Training can help you learn some of the unknown and become more familiar with your new machine. Knowing the machine can streamline your business operations. Many copiers are Multi-function printers – meaning they have many capabilities beyond copying and printing. You want to make the most of your machine by utilizing its features.

Tip #10 – Supply Delivery.

Who has time to run and pick up toner or paper every time they need it? Sure, you may but couldn’t that time be better utilized? A company that will bring it to your place of business for free, often same day, will save you time and money.

We hope that these 10 tips when choosing the best copier provider for your company are helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or if you are ready to move forward with a quote. Our team of experts are always ready to help.

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