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Are you ready to purchase some new office equipment? Whether it be for the home office or the actual office here are 5 tips when looking where to buy. These 5 reasons you should buy locally vs. online or the big box store can help you make an educated decision.


[cz_service_box title=”A specialist that can help you make the right decisions for your business.” style=”style10″ id=”cz_76783″ sk_num=”font-size:130px;color:#e7323b;padding-top:100px;padding-bottom:0px;”]Big box stores may have a decent variety, but does anyone truly know the products? Can anyone there explain to you the features and what would fit best in your space? A local office specialty provider sends a sales specialist to your location, helps you map out what features you need, can offer a virtual reality view of many pieces of furniture in your space. Nothing is worse than getting new office furniture only to find it will not fit your space, so you must haul it back to the store and choose a new piece.[/cz_service_box][cz_separator style=”cz_sep_13″ top_color=”rgba(167,167,167,0.01)” id=”cz_103454″ sep_height=”88px”][cz_separator style=”cz_sep_41″ id=”cz_104627″ sep_height=”9px”][cz_service_box title=”Quality.” style=”style10″ number=”3″ id=”cz_54681″ sk_num=”font-size:130px;color:#e7323b;padding-top:100px;padding-bottom:0px;”]Box store products are made to have a life span of no more than 2-3 years. A local office specialty providers product life span is 7-10+ years. While the price may be lower at a box store than a local office specialty provider, you may truly pay a lot more over the course of 5-10 years.[/cz_service_box][cz_separator style=”cz_sep_13″ top_color=”rgba(167,167,167,0.01)” id=”cz_80402″ sep_height=”25px”][cz_separator style=”cz_sep_41″ id=”cz_104627″ sep_height=”9px”][cz_service_box title=”Supporting local.” style=”style10″ number=”5″ id=”cz_49231″ sk_num=”font-size:130px;color:#e7323b;padding-top:100px;padding-bottom:0px;”]The big box store has locations across the nation, and you are primarily supporting a big CEO at the top of a supply chain when you purchase from them. When you support a local office specialty provider you are supporting your neighbors, family, and friends. The people that work at these local companies are the same ones that are cheering at the local football games beside you and supporting the local food drives in your community.[/cz_service_box]
[cz_service_box title=”You have an Issue? We come to you and make it right.” style=”style10″ number=”2″ id=”cz_100028″ sk_num=”font-size:130px;color:#e7323b;padding-top:100px;padding-bottom:0px;”]You buy from a big box store and 6 months down the road you have an issue. What do you do? Load it up haul it back to the store or call the manufacture, wait weeks to months to get a replacement or just parts that you have you have to install, or you toss it out and spend another small fortune to buy a new one.

When you buy from a local office specialty provider and 6 months down the road you have an issue – you call, your sales specialist comes to you, fixes the product if possible if not he/she will provide you a loaner and take the product to be fixed or replaced – generally without any additional fees.[/cz_service_box][cz_separator style=”cz_sep_41″ id=”cz_104627″ sep_height=”9px”][cz_service_box title=”Free Set Up & Delivery.” style=”style10″ number=”4″ id=”cz_89425″ sk_num=”font-size:130px;color:#e7323b;padding-top:100px;padding-bottom:0px;”]Not very many big box stores will personally setup, deliver and teach you new functions of your new furniture. But when dealing with a local office specialty provider that same sales specialist that helps with the decision-making process is there to help with the setup and make sure that you truly know how to use the product and every feature it has.[/cz_service_box][cz_separator style=”cz_sep_41″ id=”cz_104627″ sep_height=”9px”][cz_title id=”cz_99111″ sk_overall=”padding-top:77px;”]

We are here to help when you are ready to make that office furniture decision.

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