Do you feel lost in the office paper piles? Wasting too much time searching for paper documents? Let us help you diminish those office paper piles.

Did you know that the average person spends 4.5 – 6 hours per week searching for paper documents?

Papercut can help you control your print devices to stop the growth of those paper piles. Back-file scanning can help you digitize the piles and files that you currently have. Docuware is a great solution that makes it all easier to manage.


There are many features that Papercut offers from tracking printing to controlling it and minimizing waste.

  • ‘Find-me Printing’ is a feature that Papercut offers that allows users to send a job, which will go to all available MFDs/printers but will not print until the job is released at the MFD/printer.
  • Print Watermarking prints the users name, date and time or a customized signature at the bottom of every page. This puts the responsibility of the print on the person who printed.
  • Secure Print release controls access to the device. Only users with a pin or magnetic strip card can access the MDF/Printer.
  • Papercut is a great way to control the number of printers allotted to each user. Using the quota managing portal you can see how many prints per user are used, how many they are allotted, allot more, reduce allotment, and much more.
  • Using Papercut is a great way to reduce those office paper piles that no one wants to claim or to enforce a page allotment. Therefore, it can also reduce your printing costs and your waste.
  • Request more information on Papercut here.

Back-file Scanning

In the new digital age, no one has time for office paper files; that is until you need something that is lost in the 20+ paper file boxes in the storage room. Back-file scanning can take those files and digitize them.

  • Files are scanned and digitized into digital files and folders that make since to you and are easy to find.
  • Once digitized the documents are searchable. That means when you go to look for John Doe’s medical chart who has not been seen in your clinic in 6 years you can type in the name and find everything related.
  • That storage room that makes you cringe when it is mentioned can be clean and utilized as prime square footage to your office.
  • There are many output options once digitized: ECM system upload, CD, DVD, hard drive, or cloud options.
  • All digitizing occurs at one of our state-of-the-art facilities throughout the US. All employees at the facilities have undergone background checks and are HIPPA and PCA compliant. Your files are in the most secure environments.
  • We arrange for the pickup and shipping of all documents to the facilities. Thus, there is little time or effort on your part.
  • On site digitizing is also available for those that require that documents remain on site.
  • More information on Back-file scanning can be requested here. 


Document management solutions are easy to find with the Docuware software.

  • Optimize the access to your files
  • Convenient storage locations
  • Security for your files.
  • Backfile scanning can easily convert into Docuware files.
  • Request more information on Docuware here. 

All of these great solutions can work together or separately.

With the solutions to help diminish that office paper pile how can we help you? Are you ready to reduce your stress and save time? Let us help implement solutions that work for you.

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