What is it and what can it do for your company? PaperCut, in a nutshell, is a print management software. That means it manages EVERYTHING you or anyone else sends to the printer. There are several functions of PaperCut and some may be very useful to your company and others not so much. It is designed to help you reduce your costs and have better control over your printing.

Features of PaperCut

  1. It works with you.Meaning it works with almost every operating system: windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chromebooks, etc.
  2. Print release. This allows you to send your document to the print Que and then go to any printer connected to the software, tap, and release the document at any printer.
  3. Securing your printing. You authorize the users. You can enable secure print release – meaning that your document will not print until you not only tap and release but also swipe your identity card or enter your secure code. Provide document ownership by applying a watermarking feature. As a result, your printing will be more secure.
  4. Make scanning simpler. One-touch scanning to any destination. Use the optical character recognition to make your documents text searchable and editable.
  5. Budget reducing. That is to say, using PaperCut allows you to better track your printing and implement print limits. Did you know that 12% of print jobs are uncollected from the printer? Papercut can help your company reduce that number to 0%. You can also set reminders to popup reminding the user to print in grey-scale or duplex when possible.
  6. Industry Specifics. PaperCut offers great industry specific options. Whether you are in education, healthcare or business we can tailor a PaperCut option that will integrate perfectly with your industry and meet industry requirements for safety.

In short, PaperCut has many great features that can help you optimize printing within your company. Is PaperCut the right software for your company? Let one of our experts do a no obligation analysis of your company.

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