Leasing A Copier: Is Leasing The Right Option?
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If you're reading this, you're probably wondering when leasing a copier is the right option for your company; or the opposite, should we purchase copiers and printers outright?! This article focuses on why leasing your equipment from Valley Office Systems...
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Quick Fixes for Common Printer Problems
Copiers and printers are awesome office tools -- as long as you don't run into any kinks like slow printing, paper jams or poor image quality. Here are some quick and easy things you can do if you run into...
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Sharp Aquos Board: Ways To Use Your Board
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The versatile, award-winning Sharp Aquos Board's interactive display system can enhance your space in so many ways. Need some inspiration on ways to use your Sharp Aquos Board? Here are some examples: Wayfinding: Ever find yourself in a new office or...
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Ricoh Cloud Solutions for Small Business
Cloud Solutions: Ricoh is creating a new cloud-based subscription package for small businesses to increase the speed and effectiveness of their workflow. By offering a series of interconnected systems, employees can pick up where they left off, and switch seamlessly...
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Local Touch: Teaming Up With CASA
Here at Valley Office Systems, we like to help you win at business, but what about you who aren't running a business? It's important for us to help non-profit organizations where we can. We recently partnered with CASA, a support...
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Are Your Files Digital Yet?
Digital Files: Are your files digital yet? Electronic file storage is rapidly becoming the norm in almost every industry. If your business is still using hard copies, you could be wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year on...
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Office Maintenance: Keep Your Equipment Running
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How to keep your equipment running: While every office relies on good equipment, that equipment is only as good as it functions. Regular maintenance can prevent unexpected delays, and keep your office running at full capacity. Some machines, like printers...
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4 Reasons: Why Every Small Business Needs an MFP
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Why Every Small Business Needs an MFP: Here are 4 reasons why every small business needs an MFP. Here at Valley, we find all too often that our customers have no idea what type of volume or even costs they...
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Why Fax is Still Relevant
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The Fax Machine Everyone's heard of it, but it's increasingly fallen out of vogue with a new generation of employees entering the workforce. While younger workers are moving increasingly towards electronic communication for mail, financial information, and sensitive information, faxing...
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