Clear the Clutter: When You Should Outsource Document Imaging

Clear the Clutter: When You Should Outsource Document Imaging

Law firms, banks, hospitals, schools, corporations, utilities and other organizations often have huge volumes of old documents stored on a variety of incompatible and outdated media—or they have a steady flow of business-critical documents that must be scanned, organized and indexed in a secure environment. Sometimes they’re even required by law to make all their documents digital.. but it’s so labor intensive! How do you know When You Should Outsource Document Imaging?

What issues would a digital imaging service address?

  • Provides a cost-effective resource for scanning documents ranging from receipts to oversized CAD drawings to digitizing of roll film, microfiche, and aperture cards.
  • Converts hardcopy documents and information residing on archaic media to digital files and stores them on the customer’s choice of new media.
  • Assigns experienced project managers to every engagement to ensure timely and cost-effective completion of work.
  • Ensures complete document security and project confidentiality through the use of audit trails, background checks and a variety of logical and physical security systems.
  • Enables enterprises to outsource the labor-intensive—and often complex—task of converting large volumes of hardcopy documents to digital files.
  • Provides customers with a choice of on-site or remote scanning in order to align with the organization’s operating procedures and security requirements.
  • Provides a highly secure backup and recovery system in the event documents are destroyed or stolen.
  • Ensures that document conversion, storage and indexing processes comply with all relevant government and industry mandates.
  • Gives organizations fast, easy access to the intellectual capital and critical information that was previously lost in poorly organized archives.

Outsourcing of scanning and indexing can allow your organization to focus on its core business activities, unburdening internal resources and minimizing headcounts. All this plus the added benefits that come with perfectly organized digital documents: fast access to data that can be used for innovation or customer service processes; improved competitiveness and responsiveness; an easy-to-search archive for audits and other compliance-related activities. Outsourcing with professionals also creates a highly reliable document scanning and indexing process that protects against both physical and logical security and longevity threats.

If converting your documents to digital is causing a strain on your organization, contact Valley Office Systems today and see how we can help.

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