Ricoh Cloud Solutions for Small Business
Cloud Solutions: Ricoh is creating a new cloud-based subscription package for small businesses to increase the speed and effectiveness of their workflow. By offering a series of interconnected systems, employees can pick up where they left off, and switch seamlessly...
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Are Your Files Digital Yet?
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Digital Files: Are your files digital yet? Electronic file storage is rapidly becoming the norm in almost every industry. If your business is still using hard copies, you could be wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year on...
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Moving Forward: Understanding the Cloud
The Cloud: What is the Cloud? How does it work? Is it right for your business? All of these questions plague small businesses. Both by those who are growing and looking to increase productivity and scale well, and those who are...
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Do I Need a Check Scanner?
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Sometimes it’s nice to get away from your desk, take a leisurely drive to the bank, wait in line for a teller, and deposit your company’s checks, then drive back to the office and catch up on what you missed...
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