What if the Worst Happens?

What if the Worst Happens?

What if the worst happens? Disaster recovery may be the last thing on your mind, particularly if your business is in a period of growth. When life looks sunny, it’s hard to remember that storms may come. But data disaster recovery is a vital part of running a smart company because just one incident that results in catastrophic data loss could leave your business unable to function. Most enterprises that suffer a data loss end up shutting their doors within the following year—a sad reality that could be prevented with the right planning.

Don’t be one of the businesses that close its doors because of a lack of preparation. Here’s what you need to know about data recovery to keep your company’s future secure.

Data Recovery 101

Disaster preparedness plans have many facets, but in this blog, we’ll be talking about how to get your company information ready. Whether your disaster comes in the form of a natural catastrophe, theft, fire, or (perhaps most likely) an internet-enabled hack, you need to be ready to face the potential consequences.

Ask These Questions

  • Is everything backed up? The first step, of course, is to backup all of your data—everything—regularly. It does you no good to do one backup when you think of it and then forget about disaster recovery. You need regular backups that will allow you to continue operating in case of emergency.
  • How will I access backups if the worst happens?Let's say tomorrow you can't go to your office—maybe because your office is the site of a natural disaster. How will you access your data? Remote backup is essential for continuing operations when disaster strikes.
  • Who will handle backups and security?It's important to have a person or a team running point on disaster recovery—someone who can jump into action when the time comes.

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